Game is a Scam, Beta and Causes Depression – The Revelation of How Pickup Artists & Dating Coaches Ruin Your Life (Guest Post by Manosphorium)

Game 3

Game is Beta & Causes Depression – Intro
Game is for needy beta males that need women to fill their lack of purpose who also base their confidence & self-worth on how much women they have sex with on a regular basis. “You need to get laid™” -Society, Pickup Artists & other people who don’t care about you.

I wouldn’t usually write about topics like this because women are not a priority for me (no I am not gay & no I don’t have problems with women). But pick up artists giving out dangerous advice really pisses me off. 

These so-called “pickup artists” who sell you coaching & guides to have sex with women are scammers, (they never proof how they pick up women live), and if they do, they fail miserably and cut out their successful parts after asking 100 women to give them their number.

They take depressed & fucked up boys who have yet to become men and abuse them for money or theorize about women with these beta males – which is absolutely dangerous in their situation as they are highly unstable & because it causes depression

Think about it, most people end up on the RedPill or Pickup because they were left by women and want them back to not be lonely, to have sex & to feel good (for a short time!). They don’t come there to fix their problems, they want sex & relationships.

Redpill Knowledge & Thirst
Why should a man talk with a woman? Only for sex? Yeah you could do that, or you could talk with them if you just want to, women are different than men, does not mean that they are not worth talking to, I feel good after talking with new people.

A man that has nothing going on in his life will have no success with women, it does not matter how many game he has, game by itself is, by the way, useless since women are irrational beings, see it more like a universal way or “hack” to talk with women when your life sucks.

I talk with women about cats, shitting, murder, perversions and all that crap without even thinking about approach anxiety, because I want to talk with them, It’s not my end goal to fuck them. I talk with them because I want to.

If you are so thirsty that you spend your time chasing girls because you want vagina then pay a hooker, that is cheaper, saves time + they are clean.

I talk a lot with women inside the gym because our gym is rather small and the kickboxing hours are full with women. I also like to do small talk with cashiers, I just talk with people.

This is how it should be… if you are afraid of talking with people or afraid of women then forget it, if women are your priority then your anxiety will never go away because they are most important to you, and you will get destroyed because they are irrational.

Maybe if you have bad luck you will meet Chad the fuck to kick your ass, receive false rape accusations or something else. And since you have nothing else to do than working your job & chasing women you are not up to deal with these problems. You are prey willingly showing up for mental slaughter.

Game is a part of the Redpill, the lowest part. Does not mean that you should not learn it, when I came to the RP 3 years ago I loved to read from Illimitablemen because it blew my mind and I continue learning through his tweets.

However, it’s like swallowing the Redpill, you take it, accept reality and adjust to it. If you are now chasing girls because you know how to do it because IM told you everything about these irrational beings, then you are doing it wrong.

From a psychological viewpoint, you are like I said basing your entire sense of self-worth on them if you are making them your priority. Pickup artists and “Game” users who actively chase girls pedestalize women while pretending not to do so, they fail by default – they fail because they have the wrong priorities.

Game 1

Good, they have success here and there because they talk to 100 women per week but what is the gain? They will have sex, so what? Is sex your end goal? Trust me in some years you will end up like the author of the game Neil Strauss, who stopped game and got into business because chasing tail is a meaningless activity with no return of investment.

Everyone who looks how to practice game is beta. How I come to that conclusion? Because everyone who looks for it had a rough breakup because of their beta tendencies and men who need women to feel good.

They don’t become alpha through chasing tail, they will stay beta because they put women on a pedestal. The “skill” of how to attract women is beta.

If you are a social being who can talk with everybody and has a successful life, then you don’t need to learn to talk with women, hell, you can say “fuck shit piss” as a sentence and they will look at you with glowing eyes.

Just look at famous people, they have money, they are popular because they are social and successful, they just need to be around women and they win without talking to women (which they still do because it is normal).

If you have a car, muscle, take care of your outfit, and you are social and confident, then you don’t need game, you just need to be there. If you don’t have those then game will help you, but it is still a waste of time and your chances are very low (but why should you care? There is no ROI).

You are all being fooled, and because game is so popular in the manosphere everyone tries to say that it is important (to make friends with that pickup artist who has 5k followers on twitter). 

People who practice game fill their lack of purpose with women. Look, if they had their own business, hobbies went to the gym, and visit their family & friends regularly, they simply would have no time to chase girls.

they would just talk to them on the side if they want to without outcome dependence (while they are doing what matters). They don’t go out to bars, they don’t practice day or night game, they don’t go to clubs.

Samurai, MGTOW & Pro Game Arguments
There is important shit to do as a man, think of the most masculine times & countries, the age of the Samurai in Asia, think they chased women? Women threw themselves at them because they were driven by purpose, women would not even slightly shake their cores.

They didn’t give a fuck about women. “But Phil you are gay, you don’t want women” I didn’t say I don’t want them, I say that I don’t need them. Does not mean I am gay, you could call me a MGTOW if you want to put a label on me.

I stopped relating with most MGTOW’s as most of them are just crying about women instead of really going their own way, fuck these crybabies. The only MGTOW I know who puts work in is @CantuKris.

Build your own online business, visit the gym 4x per week, eat healthily and prepare healthy meals, follow your hobbies (I play 1 hour of CSGO every day), visit your mother, father and grandparents every month, see your friends at least once per week. There is no time to chase women.

Pro Game Arguments
What will give you a better return for your efforts? Chasing girls or chasing your goals and living with a purpose?

The answer is easy, I know that I am breaking some beliefs here, and I actually expect some hate & counterarguments in the comment section.

I actually want that, I want to discuss this and I am confident that my arguments will convince people that game is a waste of time and that you are actually hurting yourself by actively chasing girls.

  1. Adventure – Jail, Fights, Making friends with people who are average who you learn to get rid of on a regular basis.
  2. You will be more social, but you will stay outcome dependent since women are your highest priority.
  3. You will learn that you waste a lot of money chasing tail.
  4. You will learn that women are nothing special and that you matter the most, it is your life, making other people (women) your highest priority is betraying yourself.

Business, Girls, and Return of Investment
When you believe that girls hold the key to your happiness then you are in for a bad ride. Like I already mentioned they are basing their happiness on how other people react to them and what they can get from them instead of chasing something which is not unstable, for example, money.

The more you learn & the more work you put in, the more money you will get (only if you have your own business)!

You will not end up getting beat up, WITH STD’s, in jail or in endless drama or bitch fights, these consequences of chasing tail are absolutely real, and it does not matter how jacked & experienced you are in fighting, you are in for trouble, trust me, I was at all these points.

Women will come after you got the money. Now some will say “I am highly successful and good looking & I still ain’t getting none”. Which is a lie which people write just to prove you wrong.  It’s like women saying “it was just a joke” when there was no joke at all to make you look wrong when in fact they were wrong, talk about manipulation.

If you are good looking and you have money then you are not spending time with other people (which happens when you do online business).

They simply have to get out more, and with that I don’t mean to clubs or something, but to visit their family & friends regularly and don’t skip the gym and their hobbies, they will be around people and their confidence, success, and money will just shine through the average joes, it’s a piece of cake to attract women like that.

Dan Bazillian, for example, does not even talk to women and they gather around him lack a pack of wolves around a sheep. They want to be a part of his life, but Dan does not give a fuck because he knows it’s the money, looks & social competence and not his game or something.

And hell even if you are lucky, look at all the successful rich guys with dad bods and hotties. 

It’s about the returns and sanity that you get from chasing money, for example, there is value in that for yourself, chasing tail is a bad investment if we speak from a financial viewpoint.

When your clients come to you depressed because they are not having sex, you start to think that pick up artists are spreading dangerous “advice” which is just not good. mIt’s like listening to a drug dealer telling you that he got the best weed with magic attributes which will make you happy.

Weed will make you happy and override reality so that you don’t have to deal with your life, but the root cause is still there.

Pickup artists tell you something like outcome independence and abundance mentality. Think about it, they tell you to think it, but you can not believe in it if you just don’t have it.

Outcome independence is impossible if you are not getting any women because you just don’t have money, social competence, looks & purpose, you depend on women to feel good.

Sure there are fat and skinny guys with girlfriends, but they are betas that will just be cheated on because they can’t keep up with someone that got his life in order, and it’s in women’s nature to always get a better man.

Men are the romantic gender & more loyal than women are. Did you leave a girl for another girl? I don’t know any man who ever did that, I only know girls who do that. And besides that, having sex with 1 women 1000times is better than having sex with 1000 women once.

Common Counter Arguments to my Logic
1. Everyone needs sex to feel good: No, you certainly don’t there are many famous men who lived their entire lives without sex, think monks.

2. You need a year of sex “just to get it over with”: Then what? Feel good because you had sex with some women which will give you confidence that you are the shit? Guess what, if you stop with it afterwards you will come to the same realization that you are not getting laid and that you need women, the root cause is still untreated.

3. I am happy chasing girls. Lie, women are irrational and the current situation in our society makes it dangerous to chase tail (false rape, STDS, harassment, losing your job).

Think about it, how many pickup artists did you see picking up girls live? I didn’t see one doing it live. You can immediately cancel all your subscriptions and purchases with anyone you paid to teach you game.

You purchased something without proof, testimonials can be fake and as long as you didn’t see that pick up artist picking up girls live then you are buying a scam.

Hell, even 5 girls picked up live don’t matter, picking up 5 women in the time span of 1 year is a hell of a bad return if you chase tail every day. I expect some hate and counterarguments, I invite you to unleash them unto me.

If men don’t work on the root causes of their depression they will stay depressed.

About the Post Author 
Philip Braselmann was born 1990 in Germany and suffered from depression for 12 years after being diagnosed with essential tremor. He slowly learned to cope with it and went the normal route that every man walks. After his girlfriend cheated he was depressed again and decided that he is going to live a good life. It took Philip another year to realize that masculinity was the answer to getting rid of his depression. He loves Modafinil, working out and building his Business.


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